I’ve been behind this week due to a nasty sinus infection that has zapped most of my energy. But, I have still kept up with my small workouts! I’m quite proud of myself for staying motivated even though I feel like dying! *pats self on back*

Right now, the shorter workouts definitely work best for me. Our schedules are such that planned, hour long workouts just don’t fit, but small, 15-30 minute workouts are totally doable. I’m sure by the end of spring I’ll be ready to get back to a more strict routine, but for right now, this is working really well.

Also, this 30 day challenge is keeping me on track. I’ve kept up with it every day! I printed out the calendar and made it my computer background, so I have a constant reminder – so no “oh, i forgot” excuses! Also, it’s slowly turning in to a routine, which I really like. I get home at night and just know that I need to do my exercises (plus, I really like crossing off the days on the printed calendar, because I’m a nerd that loves check-lists). I’ve also been incorporating more and more arm exercises, and can already see a difference in my strength, endurance, and definition.

I’ve been walking a lot more, and aiming to get 10,000 steps a day (roughly 5 miles). This is also having positive results! My legs and lower back ached a bit at first, but now I can tell that my muscles are adjusting and getting stronger. My posture is also improving from standing all day at work, and from walking more. AND I’m fairly certain upping my steps has helped me loose a bit of excess weight – not much, but walking after each meal really helps me not feel as full, and I swear it helps my food digest must faster! And I just looked it up, and apparently, walking after meals does help!

We were going to go to NYC this weekend, but due to my sickness we’re going to stay local instead. Sad, but NYC ain’t goin no where. We’ll catch her next time.

Also, I’m slowly amassing items for a certain someone’s upcoming birthday. I can’t promise that the birthday box will arrive on your actual special day, but it will get there! Yay!!

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. but what?! My birthday is coming up! How exciting. I have a package I’ve been meaning to mail you too. Its your Christmas present (don’t laugh) and other things I’ve found over time that I thought might be interesting. Awesome job on being consistent! I sometimes fall into that all or nothing mentality. Like if I can’t do a full out workout, I don’t want to do anything at all. My mom has a jawbone (fitness tracker). I’m thinking of getting one. I”m not sure if I would use it or not though. 😦 I sent myself a bunch of recipes so keep me accountable. I am cooking and eating at home!!!


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